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Winter 2015 Collection

The Winter’15 line depicts the transformation in fashion during and after the Second World War and the relevance of this period in world fashion.

While during the Second World War, men served the military, women were responsible for taking up those jobs abandoned by the men. The women fashion during this period was more practical and masculine. However post the war, the men went back to their jobs  and women were expected to become housewives. Hence this led to a cultural shift wherein the women abandoned their pseudo men roles and masculine clothing and moved towards feminine and luxurious fashion. However this sudden transformation did carry a few remains of androgyny which over the period faded off and led to the rise of  the golden era of world fashion – The 50s!

A fashion throwback defined by exposed shoulders, wide leg flares, trumpet bottoms and structured ruffles along with  androgynous styles and industrial oxford shoes inspired from the war period, the Winter’15 line is a reflection of bespoke cuts and silhouettes in hues such as oxblood, midnight blue, mandarin, deep moss and heliotrope which are a paradoxical combination of Luxury and Heritage.

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